What Event Can A Chocolate Fountain Be Used For?
The possibilities are endless! Weddings, Birthday Parties, Engagement/Anniversary Parties, Corporate Functions, Premieres, Balls, Product Launch, Client Entertaining, to name but a few!

What Chocolate Is Used In The Fountain?
Only high quality Belgian Couverture Chocolate is used which means it has a very high percentage of Cocoa. You can choose from Milk, Dark or White Chocolate. By prior arrangement we can provide flavoured Chocolate.

How Long Will The Chocolate Last?
The hiring price includes 10kg of Chocolate and a 3 hour hire time catering for up to 350 people. If the length of hire is for longer or if the Fountain is to be the main dessert, more chocolate may be needed. Please discuss at time of booking. As long as more Chocolate is added the Fountain can run forever!

What can we dip and who will provide them?
Favourite dips are: Strawberries, Marshmallows, Mini Doughnuts, Grapes, Pineapple, Sweets, Orange Segments, and many, many more. If you can think of your own favourites, let us know. As long as the dip doesn't crumble easily, it should be suitable.

How Long Will I have The Fountain For?

The standard hire charge is for a 3 hour running time. We will arrive an hour before the start of the hire to assemble the Fountain so                  that it is flowing smoothly when your guests arrive. The Fountain takes some time to dismantle, clean and pack away,  this will start aprox 15 - 20 min's before the end of hire time you guests will still be able to use the fountain during this stage... We will be happy to run for a longer period, arranged and paid for in advance. Extra time is charged at £50.00 per hour.

Do I Need To Supply Anything?
Yes please. A sturdy 4ft table to hold up to 70kg's, close to a power socket. A fully skirted table cloth. (Your Venue should be able to provide this - any problems, give us a call)  Also arrange and Pay for parking for 1 car if necessary.

Can We Have The Fountain Outside?
Unfortunately not. Fly's and insects are attracted to the gorgeous aroma of the Chocolate. The Chocolate also needs to be kept at a constant temperature. A marquee is fine as long as we are away from the exit, with no draughts and of course we will need a power supply.

How Far Will You Travel?
We will travel to our set radius  free of charge, Out side of this area is chargeable. Click Here for more details.

Do I Have To Pay A Deposit?
Yes a small non refundable deposit of £50 to secure your booking.

What If I Need You Onsite Before Your 1.5 Hours Arrival Time And Need You To Stop The Fountain For An Hour                                    Whilst Guests Have Dinner And Speeches?
We simply charge £25 per hour down time , this means if the fountain is set up but not operational.                                                                                Also If you need us to stop during the middle of the session then as long as your 4 hours hasn't been used there will be no charge,                           however if you want us to run for 2hours, stop for 1 hour and then run again for 2 hours then there would be 1 hour down time                                    charged at £25 per hour

What If I Want The Fountain For Longer? Do You Accept Credit Cards Or Debit Cards?
We simply charge an additional £50 per hour this includes your dips and chocolate.

Do You Accept Credit Cards Or Debit Cards?
Yes, all major credit and debit cards through our website

Please make cheques Payable to Mr P Hepherd



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